Properties beyond survival of the fittest

Some of the evidence for the universe to have been created to support intelligent life could possibly be explained away,
although such explanations require facts that have not been observed.
But there are also facts that have no reasonable explanation except intentional intervention by a superior power (God).

Endorphine pulse
When a person dies, endorphines are released in the brain.
This causes pain to disappear and the person enters a state of well-being and peace.
This cannot have anything to do with the ability of the genes to be transferred to a new generation.

Of course, this could be a pure coincidence,
but according to my opinion a more reasonable explanation is that the human intentionally built that way.
It could be simply a part of God's care of humans, making death easier.
A wild speculation is, that the dose of endorfine causes consciousness to be detached from matter (the brain).

We do not know what consciousness is, nor how it works - or even if it dwells inside the body.
Many kinds of thought experiments have been designed,
that would verify whether a creature is conscious or not.
The conclusion so far is that there is no way
to distinguish an unconscious intelligence from a conscious one.
If this is correct, consciousness in itself does not give any evolutionary advantages.

A shocking discovery in physics during the last century is that consciousness influences matter,
even far beyond the body. (Schrödinger's cat)

Most of our body functions work well without any feelings being involved.
We breathe without having to know that we love air.
And when we say that we love something, e.g. pancakes, this something entirely different from loving a person.
Principally, breeding would work well even without any feelings.
There are examples of that kind among animals.

According to my opinion, the ability to love is a divine quality.
It has been built into us as part of being the image of God,
and thus sharing one of His most important aspects.