GOD and the Universe

Many persons think that there is a conflict between science and the Christian faith.
This is wrong!
The fact is that the atheistic belief actually is in conflict with scientific knowledge.

The purpose of this website is to show facts about God, based upon facts from science. Therefore, I will try to clearly distinguish facts from my personal views.

Facts supporting the idea that God actually does exist
The number of strange coincidences in the structure of the universe is far too large, to have been caused by chance. There are numerous properties that cannot be explained by survival if the fittest. Although an evolution appears to have taken place, the origin and evolution of life on Earth does not appear to be as simple as Darwin and his followers think.

The atheistic religion cannot be founded upon science
To avoid the difficulties with certain properties of the universe, atheists have to believe in a number of discoveries, that have not been made. Consequently, atheism cannot be supported by scientific arguments.
The atheism is dying. I believe in the living God!

According to my opinion, the description of creation in the Bible, contains knowledge that has remained hidden during millenia. As I see it, this supports the idea that the genesis story has a super natural origin.